If you want to make sure deking stays healthy, safe and rot free this winter, it's time to call ASAP Inspections and book a Building and Pest Inspection in Brisbane. Don't wait until it's too late, contact the experts now on 07 32060292 today and be confident you decking is structurally sound ! Read More
Deck Inspection Brisbane - 11 October 2016
Is Your Outdoor Entertaining Area Summer Ready? The silly season is approaching us fast! With less than 10 weeks until Christmas there has never been a more important time to ensure your outdoor entertainment area is sturdy. It’s time to book a deck inspection in Brisbane to assess the safety of your balcony or deck! Decks and verandas need annual inspections to maintain their safety and prolong their lifetime.    When you book a building inspection in Brisbane with ASAP... Read More
With hundreds of companies offering building and pest inspections through Brisbane City, it can be difficult to know which company to choose. ASAP Inspections has been offering affordable, quality, pre-purchase building and pest inspection throughout Brisbane City for years. Our thorough inspections ensure you’re well aware of how much the property you are considering purchasing is really worth. When you book a building and pest inspections in Brisbane City with ASAP Inspections we’ll examine your property for four main... Read More
For many years, ASAP Inspections have provided families and couples with affordable building and pest inspections in South Brisbane. As house prices are constantly rising, it’s never been more important to make sure you know exactly what the property is worth before you seal the deal. Do you want to know why it’s best to choose ASAP Inspections for affordable building and pest inspections in South Brisbane? Structural faults or damage in a building property are easily hidden to the human eye. However, ASAP... Read More
ASAP Inspections have been providing affordable building and pest inspections in North Brisbane for many years. With house prices on the rise, it’s important to make sure you know exactly what you are getting before you purchase any home. So why choose ASAP Inspections for your affordable building and pest inspections in North Brisbane? ASAP Inspections will detect any damage or faults that might be present in the building’s indoor or outdoor structures, meaning you avoid expensive repairs after the purchase has... Read More
Have you been feeling the wet winter weather recently? While winter gives us a great excuse to curl up on the couch indoors, it’s also the prime time to think about the structural integrity of your outside decking. You might be using your outside decking infrequently during the cooler season, but it’s the best time to be proactive and book a building and pest inspection in Brisbane. The wet weather combined with a lack of sunshine encourages dampness, creating the perfect conditions for wood decay. Your deck could be rotting away... Read More
Why you need a Building and Timber Pest Inspection Are you about to purchase a new home? Congratulations! That’s an exciting life step. Before you purchase the home you’ll need to conduct a building and timber pest inspection in Brisbane, to make sure your new investment is structurally sound. Here’s five reasons why booking a building and timber pest inspection in Brisbane is so important when you’re thinking about purchasing a home. A building and pest inspection will identify if... Read More
What is thermal imaging? Thermal imaging inspections are basically a method of detecting differences in a wall’s heat energy. There are different uses for thermal imaging devices, but the one we will be focusing on in this article is their use of picking up on termite activity in buildings. Essentially, it is a non-invasive method of checking a building for potential termite infestations.  How is thermal imaging used to detect termite activity? When termites move into the structure of a building, they create a... Read More
The Benefits of a Pre-Purchase or Pre-Sale Building Inspection in Brisbane For home buyers and sellers, nothing is more important than confidence in your investment. Whether it’s a house, apartment, townhouse or unit, a Pre-Purchase or Pre-Sale building inspection will go a long way in ensuring the quality and safety of the property. A thorough building and pest inspection for anything and everything that might be detrimental in the future is the best way you can get this level of assurance pre-purchase or pre-sale. It... Read More
Don’t let termites eat into your inheritance. Make sure your parents have regular pest inspections. Maintaining the family home through regular inspections ensures the highest level of quality and safety is preserved for decades to come.  A family home is the biggest investment you can make, so why let it all come crumbling down when you have the chance to not only maintain but also add value instead. ASAP Building and Pest Inspections have a wealth of experience in family home inspections and the common problem areas that arise are usually the least... Read More
Fix what's bugging you. Contact us today for a Specialist Pest Inspection in Brisbane. Let’s face it, visitors that turn up unannounced aren’t welcome in our homes... well, at least the ones that hop, buzz and wriggle their way past our front doors. Whether cockroaches give you the creeps, or you shudder at the sight of a spider, we have solutions to help put your mind at ease. Our specialist pest inspections in Brisbane evaluate all the potential hazards that might make a home more susceptible to pest invasions, and address them... Read More
Something bugging you? Contact us today for an Affordable Building and Pest Inspections in Ipswich. Does your skin crawl at the thought of cockroaches lurking in the shadows, or cringe just thinking about termites hollowing out your home to make one of their own? ASAP Building and Pest Inspections conduct professional, affordable building and pest inspections in Ipswich. Don't turn a problem that can be managed into a huge financial setback. We specialise in prevention and detection, to ensure your property is free from pests whether you are the buyer, the... Read More
Need an Experienced Building and Pest Inspection on the Gold Coast ASAP? It’s important for you to know if there is anything amiss with a property before calling it home. Safeguard your investment on the Gold Coast with a Building and Pest Inspection. ASAP Building and Pest Inspections has become a trusted name in the industry for Experienced Building and Pest Inspections on the Gold Coast. There’s a reason for that - it’s because we’re good at what we do! Experienced Building and... Read More